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Micro climate

Micro climate

The Costa Blanca has been designated by the World Health Organization as the healthiest region in Europe. With more than 300 sunny days a year, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature is 18⁰C, this means that the temperatures in the summer are not extremely high and it is relatively warm in the winter. These temperatures are due to the micro climate that prevails there.

The World Health Organization is a specialized organization of the United Nations. They aim to map healthcare worldwide. Also coordinating health care activities and promoting the health of the world population.

The microclimate that prevails in the Costa blanca, how does this actually come about? In the hinterland from Murcia to Denia, a mountain range stretches out, lying in the interior as a sort of reception area. The tops are at a maximum height of 1000-1500 meters. This mountain range works as a buffer for weather influences from both inland and from the sea. Building or buying a villa is therefore not only a financial investment, but also for your health.

The Costa Blanca is especially a pleasant area for people with breathing problems, asthma, skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies. People with rheumatism or other muscle or joint problems feel much better in this microclimate. Spaniards are very healthy and have a long life expectancy. This is due to both the climate and the food. Mediterranean cuisine consists mainly of fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, which means that heart disease is rare. The traditional afternoon nap, called “Siesta”, also contributes to a healthier life
As the offices of Immo Villa Costa Blanca are located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, we are your solution to take advantage of all the benefits of the microclimate and the healthy lifestyle that the Spanish own. Buy or build your property at Villa Costa Blanca. We are here for you!


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