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Evolution en why buy now!?

Evolution en why buy now!?

Spain had an unprecedented boom 20 years ago. The villas on the Costa Blanca rose from the ground, as if they were champions. A villa here, a villa there, it couldn’t be more!

But beautiful songs don’t last long! Not the Spanish ones either.

Since the economic crisis, which started around 2007 and therefore also entered the Costa Blanca, property prices have fallen sharply. Building of villas stopted!  Spaniards and foreigners lost their jobs. In addition, the Euribor almost doubled and therefore also the payments to the bank doubled. The English Pound lost against the Euro, so English owners were also hit this way. The Costa Blanca was a large cemetery.

However, since 2015 we have seen a slight growth in the sale of houses and villas that will continue in 2019 and hopefully much longer. Last year (2018), for example, the Alicante region experienced a price increase of 6.7%. The end of these increases is not yet in sight thanks to the economic recovery. Building more villas, also means that more people having a job. More people at work means more food sales, so the chain is getting started. We are still in a price gap compared to 2007, for the province of Alicante this gap was 40 at the end of last year. But it’s getting better and better.

Real estate is and will always be a good investment, so it is ideal for your savings to make a return on real estate. Undoubtedly, your investment in Spanish real estate will be lucrative, either later through resale or through rental income.

The demand for the purchase of a bungalow or villa also comes not just from Europe but also from the whole world. (America, New Zealand, Russia, Bahrain, …) Although it is sometimes thought that the most beautiful and best bargains have already been taken away, there is still a lot of interesting potential.

So not only building but also buying I would say! Apartments along the coastline and even villas in the interior can already be bought for less than 100,000 euros and I am not even talking about the surplus of high-quality new-build projects.

Villa Costa Blanca and its partner Immo Villa Costa Blanca are on hand.

Our team is happy to help and guide you without obligation.


Andreea Pop

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